Loughner’s High School Girlfriend Tells Tucson’s KGUN ‘I Don’t Think He’s Mentally Ill’

By Andrew Gauthier 

“He was a very nice kid. He was very, very intelligent,” Ashley Figueroa, a former girlfriend of Jared Lee Loughner told KGUN‘s Joel Waldman.

Figueroa discussed Loughner’s mental state, which has been popularly illustrated by a creepy mug shot, with Waldman and said that she believes her former boyfriend is purposely acting crazy because “he’s trying to get sent to a psych ward.”

“I don’t think he’s mentally ill at all. I think he’s honestly, I think he’s faking everything. I think he’s planned it, planned for sometime,” she said.

Figueroa, who dated Loughner while the two attended Mountain View High School, is convinced that the accused Tucson shooter expected to be killed after he opened fire in a parking lot on Saturday.

“He didn’t die like he wanted to,” she told Waldman. Video inside…

Here’s the video (it may take a few seconds to load):

Figueroa is at least the second former girlfriend to come forward following Loughner’s arrest.  Kelsey Hawkes, who dated Loughner when she was 15, has spoken to The Wall Street Journal and The Daily Mail and appeared on CBS’s “Early Show” Thursday morning.

Here’s Hawkes speaking with Erica Hill: