Trump Responds to Being Called ‘Unfit for the Presidency’ on WZZM

By Kevin Eck 

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump showed up unannounced on Grand Rapids ABC affiliate WZZM today during the station’s noon newscast.

Trump was walking through the Gerald R. Ford museum when quick-thinking anchor Jennifer Pascua flagged him down, as the station is broadcasting live for the ArtPrize festival.

Pascua asked about the leadership of President Gerald Ford, about Trump’s twitter presence and about USA Today’s non-endorsement and the claim that he’s “unfit for the Presidency.”


“Well, I don’t read USA Today,” said Trump. “It’s not much of a newspaper as far as I’m concerned … all I know is we’re leading in the polls, we’re doing well, we have the pulse of the nation.”

USA Today’s editorial board announced today that for the first time in the paper’s 34-year history it is taking a side in the presidential race saying Trump is “by unanimous consensus of the Editorial Board, unfit for the presidency.”