Troll Complains About ‘Grotesquely Pregnant’ OKC Meteorologist

By Mark Joyella 

An internet troll has targeted Oklahoma City meteorologist Marcy Novak for being pregnant and doing her job at the same time.

“How much longer till the grotesquely pregnant weather lady goes on leave,” the Twitter user who uses the handle “nvrqt” complains in a tweet to Fox affiliate KOKH. “She covers 1/2 the screen.”

A self-described “science believer, vegetarian, inventor” and “punk rock chick,” the troll insists that “no one wants to see the enormous weather lady.”


Novak, however, has gotten plenty of support–from viewers and fellow meteorologists, including Birmingham’s James Spann:

KOKH has also defended Novak on Facebook, saying of the troll and those who share her views of Novak, “she’s pregnant and going to have her first baby in a few weeks. We here at FOX 25 think those people STINK!”