This Local Super Bowl Commercial Made Some People Mad in Omaha

By Kevin Eck 

A local spot airing only in Omaha, Neb., made a list of things people complained to the FCC about during this year’s Super Bowl broadcast.

Watch it below. It’s for the NuMale Medical Center. On its website NuMale says it offers “the latest in sexual dysfunction and hormone replacement therapy.”


Here’s one of two emails the FCC got about the spot:

This commercial sends the message that the woman’s husband had sex with her to the point where it caused her enough harm and pain to have her seek medical treatment. To me, this is to the point of promoting the abuse of women – and saying it is encouraged and even “medically approved”.

SB Nation says it found the video after it made an Open Records request. It also discovered people filed enough complaints to fill 47 pages of emails.

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