This is What They Showed in Iceland Last Week: Sheep Birthing!

By Kevin Eck 

It’s the annual birthing of the lambs in Iceland! It’s the annual birthing of the lambs in Iceland!

RUV, the Icelandic National Broadcast Service, decided to imitate a popular network in Norway airing Slow TV.

Instead of showing 12-hour knitting marathons, RUV stayed within the Iceland wheelhouse for the biggest ROI: sheep birthing. These are thrilling times we live in.

From the RUV website:

The National Icelandic Broadcasting Service (RÚV) has begun its first foray into so-called “Slow TV”, popularized by our cousins in Norway.

The Norwegian state broadcaster has in the past had live feeds from sheep shearing (and subsequent sweater knitting), ferry sailing and even a programme which consisted of people felling a tree and then burning it in a wood stove until it was reduced to ashes.

For our first slow tv broadcast we chose a traditional Icelandic event known as “sauðburður” – the annual birthing of lambs

Click here to relive the spectacle through twitter. (The marathon is over, folks)

Beint frá burði er lokið. Hér er samantekt af því sem gerðist meðan flestir sváfu. Takk aftur fyrir þetta allt saman.

Posted by RÚV on Friday, May 15, 2015