Thief Recorded Trying to Steal News Camera

By Andrew Gauthier 


In a Sacramento parking lot on Tuesday, a KCRA news camera became both the target of a thief and the witness that will likely bring him to justice.

On Tuesday afternoon, an unmarked KCRA news van was parked outside of a Best Buy in the Natomas section of Sacramento. While members of the Hearst-owned station were away from the vehicle, a thief entered the van and began trying to pull a camera out through a window. The problem for the would-be thief, though, is that the camera was recording the whole time.


KCRA has posted the raw footage on its website and in the video one can make out a young man in a gray hooded sweatshirt and yellow gloves frantically leaning in through the window and trying to wrest the camera from its position in the middle of the van. Having trouble getting the camera free, he jumps back out of the window, presumably to check to see if anyone is watching.

Breathing heavily, the young man eventually gives up and exits the van for good. (Video here)

Upon viewing the video, Sacramento police Sgt. Norm Leong told KCRA that this type of break-in is common. “That was only a couple seconds, so that’s how quickly something can be stolen,” Leong said. Sacramento police have yet to report any arrests but the video certainly offers ample evidence.