ThermoSpas Shares Steamy Ideas for a Hot Tub Date Night

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, ThermoSpas is helping couples rekindle their romance and enjoy more quality time together in their hot tubs. The crisp outdoor air, the swirling water, the romantic lighting, and the ambiance of a spa all create the ideal spot for you and your special someone to curl up and remember why you fell in love.

In fact, a special customer survey showed that a hot tub is just the way to heat up your romance, even if you think it has gone a little cold. Approximately 33%of all couples in the survey said their hot tub improved their love life. Even more, 34%, felt that their hot tub was responsible for improving their intimacy with their partner—and an incredible 61% of hot tub owners were satisfied with their intimate life. Take a break from everyday distractions, and start planning your steamy Valentine’s date night in your spa or hot tub.

Extend the Invitation


The invitation to your date night can set the tone for the evening. Depending on your relationship, try to write out an invitation that is silly, playful, or romantic. Whatever your unique style, just make sure that you and your partner both agree on a set time to spend together. While a verbal invitation is great, consider making a hand-held invitation that gives your significant other an idea of what they can expect, such as mood music, candlelit dining, or sensual aromatherapy.

Prepare the Food

Get creative with the food you will serve during date night. Consider lighter options, like fruit kabobs. They are simple and will not weigh you or your partner down while enjoying your special time together. Skewer your favorite fruits, set them on an attractive platter, and refrigerate until it is time for your date.

Get the Drinks Ready

Like the food, try to consider light, refreshing options, like a virgin mojito or a fruity sangria. If you choose to serve alcohol, remember to also serve water so you can both stay well hydrated and be able to enjoy more of your night together.

Make a Playlist

Set the mood for the evening with a spectacular playlist. Consider your favorite songs with your partner and any music that has special meaning to the two of you. Or, if you want to set the stage for romance, look for classic romance songs.

Get the Aromatherapy Oils Ready

Essential oils can enhance your mood and bring out your inner romantic. Adding these oils to your hot tub is a great way to release the powerful properties of aromatherapy. The scents will diffuse through the air and create a soothing, intimate environment.

Chamomile or lavender will help with relaxation, but eucalyptus and grapefruit are stimulating and energizing. Lemon, orange, rosemary, and rose are all used to balance your emotions and help you unwind. Choose the essential oils carefully to create the ideal mood you and your partner will both want to achieve. However, it is also important to remember that these oils are highly concentrated. Try not to use them directly on the skin. Rather, add 10 or fewer drops to your hot tub water. That is just enough for the scent to whirl around and send romance into the air.

Plan a Few Activities

Depending on what you and your partner like to do, consider planning a few activities for your spa date night. Whether talking is your favorite way to spend time together, or you would like to help your loved one unwind with a massage, consider what you would both enjoy. If you would like to play a game, pick up a pack of waterproof playing cards and challenge your partner to a fun and frisky game.

Turn Up the Heat

Date night is sure to get steamy, but to set the stage for romance, you will have to set your spa’s temperature just right. Make sure you choose a temperature that is right for both of you. You probably will not feel like getting romantic if you are chilly in the cool February air. On the other hand, your partner may not be able to focus on the intimate date night you have planned if he or she is too hot in the water.

Ideally, remove the hot tub cover in advance and turn the temperature to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Test the temperature by putting your hand into the water to see how it feels on your wrist. Adjust as necessary to create the perfect water temperature before your night starts to get steamy.

Set the Lights

Your hot tub likely has a variety of mood lights to help you set the tone for your date night. But in addition to your spa’s lighting features, consider bringing out a few candles and setting them on a nearby table for added ambiance. Enjoy watching them flicker as you and your partner curl up to enjoy the soothing water and each other’s company.

Bring Out the Flowers

Nothing says romance like flowers—especially red roses. Consider laying down a trail of loose rose petals from the house to the spa. Let your partner follow the path right up to the hot tub, where you have already laid out all of your drinks and food, have the music playing, and have the candles lit.

When it comes to planning a romantic Valentine’s Day date, you do not have to go farther than your own home. ThermoSpas says an intimate night in can be incredibly exciting for both of you, and with these mood-setting ideas, you will be sure to wow your partner and set the stage for a perfect romantic holiday together.


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