‘There Was No Fistfight’ KOB Denies Rumors of Newsroom Fisticuffs

By Kevin Eck 

Reports of a rumored fist fight between a KOB anchor, a reporter, and a photographer are being squashed denied by Mike Burgess, GM of the Albuquerque NBC affiliate.

“There was no fistfight,” Burgess told the Santa Fe New Mexican. “Someone has been embellishing.”

FTVLive, who reported the news first, told TVSpy it “stands 100% behind our story that punches were thrown.”

That story says anchor Tom Joles, reporter Stuart Dyson and photographer Joseph Lynch went at it after a verbal confrontation in the newsroom.

According to the Albuquerque Journal Lynch was not involved in the dust up.

“[…] KOB’s vice president and general manager, Mike Burgess, did confirm Tuesday that there had been a ‘heated discussion” and that Joles will not be on the air during a temporary “cool-down period.’ He did not say how long that might be.

“I think someone who heard about it secondhand posted it” to the two media websites, he said. “But I can tell you there was no fight, no MMA knockdown kind of thing.”