The 2018 Hairry Awards for Local Newsmen Announced

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

The Hairry’s are back.

Today we’re celebrating local male news anchors with the best hair in 2018.

Each year the website,, issues awards for Local Newsman With The Best Hair went to recipients in every state.

Here is a breakdown of the numbers according to the Hairry’s site:

ABC and CBS each had 25 winners (ABC down 4 and CBS up 9 from 2017).
NBC had 23 winners (down 10 from 2017).
FOX had 21 winners (up 11 from 2017).
The remaining winners came from other networks and independent stations.
California, New York, and Texas had the highest number of men with exceptional hair.

In New York, WPIX morning reporter Anthony DiLorezo took first place. When judges asked who he wanted to thank for the award he said his wife, WPIX anchor Karla Rama. “For urging me to leave my spiked short-hair days behind, and grow my hair out when we moved to New York.”

Last year the award went to PIX 11 morning anchor Dan Mannarino.

In Los Angeles, Mark Mester walked away with the 2018 Hairry.

“Mark Mester is a general assignment reporter for KTLA in Los Angeles, California. Mark Mester is easy on the eyes, and it’s mostly due to his rock star status hair.”

You can check out the full list of Hairry winners here.