Texas Gubernatorial Hopefuls Sue PBS Affiliate

By Andrew Gauthier 

Television Broadcast

Four Democratic candidates for the Texas governorship are suing a public TV station they say excluded them from a debate.

Dr. Alma Ludivina Aguado, Star Locke, Felix Alvarado, and Clement Glen filed a $400 million lawsuit in U.S. Federal Court in Travis County, Texas, against KERA-TV and its owner, The North Texas Public Broadcasting, for being excluded from the statewide Democratic debate on television on Feb. 8, 2010, the group said in a joint release.


All four candidates were excluded by the Television Station from joining in the statewide debate as they, did not meet a vague, subjective and flexible criteria. All Candidates are legal candidates, but yet were excluded from a chance to air their views in a public debate.

“Globalization has increased the gap between the poor and the wealthy in Texas creating an arcane culture of non competition,” Dr. Aguado said. More…