Texas Anchor Starts Daily Diary to Document Covid-19 Fight

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

KCEN anchor Leslie Draffin, who has been diagnosed with Covid-19, is keeping a daily diary of her experience fighting the virus.

The Temple, Texas, anchor and her husband Micah have both tested positive, and Draffin started keeping a record of both of their symptoms this week.

“On Saturday, Micah’s symptoms started,” Draffin wrote July 25. “Although, we only really noticed them in retrospect. Micah woke up with body aches and described it like being sore after a hard workout, nothing more severe. His energy was low and he felt like he had some nasal congestion, but because he suffers from allergies we didn’t think anything of it.”


It wasn’t until Monday she started feeling symptomatic, and the couple decided to get tested.

“Around 9 p.m. Tuesday night, we each got a text message and email alerting us to our results … and that’s when we found out we were positive,” Draffin wrote. “I immediately called my boss and texted our friends letting them know we had Covid as well as sending them the address for the free testing sites in Waco.”

Since then, they’ve been home. They’ve contacted friends and co-workers, including her evening co-anchor, Kris Radcliff. Anchors have been working from home since the start of the pandemic.

“Throughout the day, I get progressively more tired and have a lingering cough as well as chest congestion,” Draffin wrote. “At times, it is very hard to clear my throat after coughing. So many people have reached out sharing their own stories of having the coronavirus and it’s amazing to see how many different sets of symptoms people have experienced.

Draffin will continue to update her diary. It can be found here.