Tennessee Meteorologist Shares Voicemail From Viewer Who Used Racial Epithet to Describe Her Hair

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Corallys Ortiz, the weekend meteorologist for WBBJ in Jackson, Tenn., got sick of straightening her naturally curly hair over the weekend so she gave it a break.

“About 90 percent of the time I wear it straight. It’s the way I was accustomed to wearing it growing up. The last few years I’ve grown to manage and love wearing it in its natural state, the big curly fro or ‘poof’ as I call it,” she said.

But as Oritz shared in a long post on Facebook, one viewer didn’t approve of her natural look. So she called the station and left Ortiz a voicemail, which included a racial epithet to describe her hair. Ortiz recorded the voicemail so everyone on social media could hear it.


Ortiz got support from curly-haired WFFA traffic anchor, Demetria Obilor, who dealt with the same pushback from viewers last year.

“I hope a post like this brings to light the constant criticism a person of color might face just for being themselves,” said Ortiz on Facebook.

A day after her original post, Oritz shared a photo of flower bouquets from viewers who support her natural look.