TEGNA Launches Show Using Affiliates

By Kevin Eck 

TEGNA is launching a live multi platform show in partnership with MGM they say “will be the industry’s first live multi-daypart syndicated show, spotlighting the day’s essential stories, information and trending social media content in real-time across multiple screens.”

BOLD (Broadcast Online Daily) will be 30-minute show produced according to time zone, giving viewers a 360 degree viewing experience and promising to allow for viewer reaction and opinion. Viewers can also vote on BOLD’s content and submit videos and stories. It’s set to launch in the Fall of 2017 with a different name.

“Daytime TV has become predictable and similar. BOLD will be different,” said Dave Lougee, president of TEGNA Media. “The show will reflect how viewers are consuming content across multiple platforms at the same time. BOLD combines those experiences in an informative, interactive and innovative way. BOLD will do the heavy lifting, bringing together the day’s top stories, funny and emotional content and viral videos in one place.”

“We are thrilled to be working with MGM,” said president of domestic television distribution for MGM John Bryan. “Their exceptional track record speaks for itself and we believe, together, we can help BOLD break the mold of daytime TV. TEGNA has a significant footprint across the U.S. with a group of very successful television stations. Since this is a live program created by stations for stations, it will speak to our client base. We’re excited to partner with TEGNA and tap into their creative approach to integrating social media and broadcast television with these live feeds.”

The new show will replace the T.D. Jakes show which was announced in December 2015 and launched Fall of 2016.

“TEGNA is proud of the T.D. Jakes show,” said a spokesperson. “It has been an honor to work with T. D. Jakes and his organizations as well as our partner 44 Blue Productions. They’ve been outstanding champions in making the Jakes program a reality. Together, we produced a show that was compelling, real and the closest thing to Oprah since she left the air. Despite the quality of the show and talent, we will not pursue a second season due to the current economics of daytime TV.”