Boy Scouts Honor Teen Who Saved Houston Reporter’s Life

By Kevin Eck 

Last year, KPRC reporter Brandon Walker was severely injured after being hit by a truck. And while he doesn’t remember what happened that night, the Houston reporter does know he was saved by high school senior and Eagle Scout Alex Park.

This week, Park was awarded the Boy Scouts of America’s Medal of Merit for his heroism, and Walker was there to see him receive the award.

“I’m told Alex was headed to the cinema when he saw my body in the street,” Walker recently wrote on Facebook. “He pulled over, noticed the bleeding from my forehead, ran to his car, and returned with a t-shirt. Alex tied said shirt around my head to control the bleeding, as there was a lot. He wasn’t done. Alex then directed traffic, and instructed the driver of the truck that struck me to call 9-11, I’ve been told. He then returned to me, as I went in and out of consciousness. The story goes I tried to get up. Alex told me not to do so. He feared spinal injuries. Smart guy.”


Calling Park his “newest little brother,” Walker says his “heart overflows with gratitude” for what the teen did that night.

“I’ve many angels to whom I owe my life. Count Alex Park among them,” said Walker. “In fact, what he did: helping to control the bleeding, whilst encouraging me to keep still, fearing paralysis — or even worse—likely saved my life.”