#TBT: KGO’s Satellite Truck Has a Land Speed Record

By Kevin Eck 

On my way into work as a promo producer/editor at San Francisco ABC owned station KGO, back in the electric dawn of non-linear editing, I’d walk past the KGO satellite truck. Painted on the side of the big white Peterbilt was a claim to a land speed record.

Like the elusive unicorn, or leather tuxedo, the video (or proof) of the speed run on the Utah Salt Flats was always talked about at work, but never seen. Until now.

So for today’s #TBT, we bring you the KGO satellite truck driving at a brisk 81.73 MPH.  Enjoy.


Reading through the comments on youtube, TVSpy thinks this video may be a recut of a promo originally done by Don McCuaig.