Suspected Arsonist Arrested After Demanding to Speak to KPTV Reporter

By Kevin Eck 

A suspected arsonist who confessed to Portland, Oregon Fox affiliate KPTV that he had allegedly vandalized and attempted to set fire to several houses of worship in the area, pleaded not guilty in court Monday.

The station said 34-year-old Michael Bivins went to the station on Wednesday saying he wanted to speak to a reporter. He gave names and locations of places of worship he had vandalized—and also said he wouldn’t stop committing the crimes. He then said he’d return to the station on Friday.

The station called police after Bivins left. He was arrested when he made good on his promise to return.


Portland Police spokesperson Kevin Allen told KPTV the police are grateful for the cooperation.

“This is certainly noteworthy that someone would contact a news station and want to discuss crimes they committed,” said Allen.

Portland police say they are in contact with federal authorities and that additional charges are possible.