Suspected Armed Robber Arrested in WTVJ Reporter’s Backyard

By Kevin Eck 

WTVJ reporter Marissa Bagg became part of the story when police arrested an armed robbery suspect.

Police cornered the suspect at Bagg’s home on Thursday. The reporter for the Miami NBC owned station realized what was happening when she saw an officer in the driveway with his gun drawn, staring through the fence on the side of her house.

“We should probably not go outside,” Bagg says in a cellphone video she recorded as Fort Lauderdale Police swarmed her home.


At first, the cops thought Baggs’ husband was the suspected robber.

“I was on the phone, my dad was calling me in, I waved him off because I was on a phone call, and he said no, get in here now,” said Oded Eshel, Bagg’s husband.

Police found the suspected robber hiding on the side of the house near a shed.

“Holy crap, you guys got him,” Eshel says.

“In your backyard,” an officer told Eshel. “So your neighbor said he just jumped the fence and I saw you moving, and I thought, I’ve got him right here. Luckily your wife came outside, ’cause the dog was coming in.”

Police said the suspect robbed a Deli minutes earlier.

“I’m grateful the police got here quickly, apprehended the suspect, that everyone in our family was safe. Everything turned out OK and you saved me from getting a K-9 (released) on me,” Eshel said.