Sue Manteris Files Discrimination Lawsuit Against KSNV Before Anchoring the 6 p.m. News

By Andrew Gauthier 

Longtime KSNV anchor Sue Manteris filed a discrimination lawsuit against the station on Tuesday afternoon and then anchored the 6 p.m. newscast.

Manteris, who has been with the Las Vegas NBC-affiliate since 1989, is accusing station management of racial, age, and gender discrimination in response to KSNV’s decision not to renew her current contract, which expires on June 10th.

Manteris’s lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Las Vegas, singles out news director Bob Stoldal, who joined the station in 2009. The suit claims that Stoldal “has made a disproportionate number of personnel changes each strongly indicating a race, age and or gender bias.”

Manteris, who was born in India, has been the face of KSNV for decades but her role with the station has been diminished since Stoldal took control. Manteris anchored the 11 p.m. newscast before Stoldal joined the station but he quickly replaced her with a younger, white female anchor with little experience, according to the suit.

“Virtually every anchor personnel decision Mr. Stoldal made has favored the young, the Caucasian, and or the male candidate,” the suit alleges.

According to the court filing, Manteris brought the apparent discrimination to the attention of station owner Jim Rogers but he did little about it and instead “kept pressuring” her about her age.

The lawsuit also focuses on the station’s promotion of Manteris as an “Anchormom” while Stoldal allegedly undermined her ability to be a parent by changing her hours once she was knocked off the 11 p.m. newscast.

“Incredibly, Mrs. Manteris was being bullied and harassed over her desire to be a mom and provide adequate child care for her young son, while at the same time, she was being promoted on-air as ‘Anchor Mom,’ and her series franchise was on ‘Bullying,'” the suit claims.

[Via Las Vegas Review-Journal]