Study: Tablets and TV Compete for Attention

By Kevin Eck 

TVSpy’s sister site, LostRemote has posted the results of a recent study about tablet use and television.  Exploring what they’re calling two-screen viewing, consumer research house GfK MRI concluded that 63% of tablet owners watch TV while using their tablets at least once a week.  The breakdown of two-screen viewers by gender and age is shown in the graphic above.

The number of respondents who paid attention to both TV and tablet (36%) and those who paid more attention to their tablet (36%) was evenly split.  The takeaway?  Tablets can distract users from paying attention to what’s happening on TV.  But that isn’t necessarily bad news for advertisers.  The study shows 28% of two-screen viewers looked up a product that was advertised on a show they were watching.


The study also shows two-screen viewing isn’t going away with 81% of those surveyed saying they liked having two screens in front of them regardless of where their attention falls.

Click here for the .pdf of the study.  You can also see graphic breakdowns of what people do while two-screen viewing and the possible growth opportunity for advertisers and TV stations after the jump.

This graphic breaks down what two screen viewers do with their tablets while watching TV.

The graphic below shows the growth opportunity for advertisers, tablet developers and tv stations.