Stephen Colbert Calls Out WFAA Over Super PAC Ad

By Merrill Knox 

WFAA is the latest station to be taken to task by Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert for not airing an ad for his Super PAC.

In the above segment from last night’s “Colbert Report,” Colbert charges WFAA with an “elaborate, nefarious conspiracy” to quiet his Super PAC, saying he bought advertising time on the station’s noon newscast last week to air his latest ad, which calls for an immediate end to the NBA lockout. The ad never aired.

WFAA disputes Colbert’s claims, telling Uncle Barky’s Bytes that the ad — which arrived just a few hours before it was to air and had to be checked for content first — was approved, but missed air due to a “clerical error.”

“It came in late, they had to review it,” WFAA vice president of product development Dave Muscari said. “No malice aforethought. Human error.”

The ad eventually aired during “Good Morning America” this morning, which Colbert requested of WFAA in the segment.