At Least 11 Stations Run Same Exact Amazon Package About Fulfillment Centers During Covid-19

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

There are many questions after a nonprofit organization posted a video on YouTube that showed at least 11 stations across the country airing the same exact script and edited package about Amazon fulfillment centers.

The story, which came to the stations in email script form from Amazon’s PR team, was about how busy fulfillment centers are keeping workers safe. The story had a positive spin.

But some journalists didn’t fall for the PR team’s attempt to trick them into running a story it produced.

Reporters posted the email sent to hundreds of broadcasters.

“Just got an email from Amazon’s PR team with a pre-edited news story and script to run in our shows. They are selling this as giving our viewers an “inside look” at the company’s response to Covid-19. No. Let us go inside fulfillment centers with our own cameras,” said Zach Rael.

Later in the thread, WKOW reporter A.J. Bayatour posted a screenshot of the same script he received.

“More than 30 of its workers have gotten COVID-19 in Kenosha and it refuses to cooperate with the local health department. Yet still has the gall to send newsrooms this pre-packaged trash and hopes a self-respecting news operation would run it.”

An Amazon spokesperson told The Guardian: “We welcome reporters into our buildings and it’s misleading to suggest otherwise. This type of video was created to share an inside look into the health and safety measures we’ve rolled out in our buildings and was intended for reporters who for a variety of reasons weren’t able to come tour one of our sites themselves.”

At least 50 Amazon workers have come down with Covid-19.