Stations to Run Graphic Anti-Abortion Campaign Ad

By Kevin Eck 

A political ad some are calling offensive for its graphic visual images is putting local stations in Kentucky and Indiana in a delicate position.

Andrew Beacham, who is running for the 2nd Congressional District seat against incumbent Republican Brett Guthrie, paid the stations to air a spot showing pictures of an aborted fetus while asking viewers, “Will we knuckle under?  Violate our consciences and become accomplices to Obama’s immorality?”  You can watch the ad after the break, but we warn you its graphic.

Because of a Federal Communications Commission rule that stations give reasonable access to candidates who want to air political ads, Beacham’s spot will air 22 times between Wednesday and Friday.  CBS News reports one station manager intends to warn viewers of what they may see,


Rick McCue, general manager of WBKO-TV in Bowling Green, described the ad as offensive and said his station may run a disclaimer along with it.

As a legal matter, McCue said, “we have no right to censor the ad, and we can’t refuse it either. ”

“We can at least give people a heads up, and we intend to do that,” he added. “How we’re going to word it, I don’t know yet.”

CBS News also said Beacham won’t be the only candidate running controversial ads,

Beacham, an Indiana resident, is one of seven congressional candidates across the country who plan to use the tactic. All are affiliated with longtime anti-abortion leader Randall Terry, the Operation Rescue founder who entered the presidential race to do the same thing.

Terry said at least 12 different abortion ads will be used in the various races leading up to the Nov. 6 election.

WARNING CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT! — Here’s the ad that will air in Louisville and Bowling Green, KY and Evansville, IN — WARNING CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT!