Station Apologizes for Airing Graphic Photo of Murder Victim

By Mark Joyella 

WCAX_iphone_appstore_512x512WCAX, the CBS affiliate in Burlington, Vermont has apologized for airing a graphic police photo of the unclothed body of a murder victim during the station’s 6 p.m. newscast.

An apology posted to the station’s Facebook page reads in part, “we used a photo in our 6 o’clock report that should NEVER have been used. We are investigating how something so egregious could happen. We are deeply sorry.” Several commenters describe anchor Kristin Kelly as being visibly upset after the image appeared in the story.

The report, on a day of emotional and graphic testimony in the murder trial of a husband and wife accused of kidnapping and killing Melissa Jenkins, made mention of the intensity of the images shown to the jurors:


Sgt. Russell Finn: I observed feet and a torso, a body.

Lisa Warren: Was the body clothed or something else?

Sgt. Russell Finn: No.

The state showed an array of photos from the Barnet boat access. Police say some depicted evidence of a sexual crime and were bagged as evidence. But many were too graphic for TV and deeply disturbing to those who loved Jenkins’ most.