St. Louis Station Moves Sports Director to Morning Anchor

By Kevin Eck 

St. Louis NBC affiliate KSDK says its sports director Rene Knott is moving to mornings as an news anchor.

“I have worked alongside some wonderful souls in the KSDK sports office, people I say are my best friends,” said Knott. “But while it is hard to leave behind all that I have known and people I have loved I also realize the opportunity to grow with Today In St. Louis is one I can’t let pass. So I am buying a few alarm clocks so I wake up and get to work on time.”

Knott has been the sports director at KSDK since 2004. He joins Pat McGonicle, Alexandra Corey, Scott Connell, Garry Seith, Ryan Dean and Kiya Edwards weekdays from 5 to 7 a.m.