St. Louis Anchor Says Creating Routine Is Key While in Quarantine

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

KTVI anchor John Pertzborn and his wife have quarantined themselves after returning from a trip in London.

They got back more than a week ago, and the St. Louis anchor hasn’t left his house since then.

Pertzborn said he and his wife both took a COVID-19 test, but haven’t received their results. When asked by his station what he’s doing with his time at home, the news anchor said he’s been trying to stay busy and create a routine, drawing up certain places in the house to do things so they both remain mentally stable.

“You have to keep your boundaries or you will drive each other crazy,” he said.

The station showed video of Pertzborn exercising in his kitchen.

Pertzborn is just one of many anchors self-quarantining themselves across the country while many are working from home.