St. Louis Anchor Caught in Expletive Filled Off-Air Rant Calling Co-Host ‘Stupid’ and a ‘Bad Mom’

By Kevin Eck 

KTVI anchor Vic Faust was caught in an off-air rant, insulting and making sexist remarks to his radio co-host last week.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports Faust went on a four-minute rant aimed at co-host Crystal Cooper at the tail end of his radio show on hard rock station 100.7 KFNS.

During the anonymously recorded rant, Faust took issue with Cooper’s weight and her parenting skills. Faust has anchored at Fox affiliate KTVI since 2015.


Last Tuesday morning at about 9:50 a.m., while still on-air, Faust started calling Cooper a liar and saying she was “stupid” for bringing up a “dumb” topic.

From the Post-Dispatch:

The confrontation quickly escalated off-air: Faust begins using foul language and tells Cooper several times to “shut the (expletive) up” and “shut your (expletive) mouth.”

He calls her “fat,” “stupid” and “nasty,” and repeatedly refers to her by using a curse word most commonly directed at women. Then at one point, Faust says “you’re nothing” and “you’re trash.”

When talking of her broadcasting skills, Faust says, “You’re a (expletive) mom, you don’t even know the topics we’re talking about. You’re just stupid.”

He even upbraids Cooper for where she attended high school. After calling her “self-righteous,” Faust said, “You think you’re special because you went to Villa (Duchesne).”

On a more threatening note, Faust tells Cooper to not come back to the show, a position which Faust says he arranged for her.

“If you come back, I’m going to be in your (expletive) every (expletive) day,” Faust said, who adds that he will “call you a (expletive) every day.”

When Cooper replies that Faust is not her boss and that she plans to return to the show, Faust says: “Then I will nail your (expletives) … I will do whatever I (expletive) need to do to you.”

Then as the off-air confrontation winds down as the show prepares to go back on the air and close the show, Faust says to Cooper, “Your kids have a (expletive) terrible mom. I feel sorry for them.”

At that remark, Cooper replied, “Wow. Wow.”

We asked Faust and KTVI news director Audrey Prywitch about it. We’ll let you know if they get back to us. KFNS sales manager Brian Richardson told the Post-Dispatch Faust’s show was off the air “at the moment.”

Below is a YouTube post of the Tuesday show. The on-air confrontation begins at about the 1:48:00 mark of the clip.