Spokane Anchor Offering Ties to Those Who Need Them, ‘Blown Away’ By Response

By Kevin Eck 

Spokane morning anchor Tim Pham is offering up his ties. The cost? The promise to pay it forward.

“Young professionals/journalists: I am giving away some of my ties!” Pham wrote on Twitter. “8 yrs ago I opened up my first paycheck in TV for a whopping $600! I worked 3 jobs just to get by, let alone buy ties for work. If you need a tie, DM me. All I ask is that you pay it forward one day.”

Pham, who has worked at Spokane CBS affiliate KREM since 2019, told TVSpy this isn’t the first time he’s done this, but he is “blown away by the response” to this latest offer.


“In the past 24 hours my inbox has been flooded and my notifications continue to ping at this very moment,” said Pham. “People from all over the world, in all professions, including journalism have reached out asking for ties or offering to help.”

Pham said he’s doing this because he will never forget his first journalism gig. Pham said he worked three minimum wage jobs and had “a mountain of debt.”
“I remember what it was like getting started in the industry,” said Pham. “To be frank, it’s embarrassing showing that first offer to your family and friends. I don’t want anyone to have to feel embarrassed about asking for help. The kindness people showed me throughout my career made a big impact on my life. Giving away ties that have been sitting under my desk and paying a few bucks for shipping is worth every penny to invest in the next generation.”
Pham said among those taking him up on the offer include, journalists working in their first market who can relate to the struggle, college seniors looking for their first job, as well as nonprofit organizations that give people with criminal records a second chance.
“Clearly there is a great need,” said Pham. “I’m not sure what’s next, but I want to continue working to help meet these needs.”