Reporter Soaked by Firefighting Helicopter During Wildfire Live Shot

By Merrill Knox 

Trying to beat the summer heat? Just get a little closer to the nearest wildfire.

Suzi Theodory was reporting on a Southern California wildfire for Time Warner Cable News when she got a little too close to the flames — and one of the firefighting helicopters dropped water on her live shot, drenching Theodory and her crew.


Theodory can be heard laughing hysterically as the camera pans away from her to show water rushing down the road where she’s standing. To her credit, she pushed a giggling producer out of the way and regained her composure.

“As you can see, the helicopter just dropped water on us,” she said. “That’s how close we are to the flames. Now, it’s not a funny thing. But we definitely did not expect for water to get dropped on us.”