Someone Picked the Thirteen Best Los Angeles Newscasters

By Kevin Eck 

Thrillist released a list of what it thought were the top 13 newscasters in Los Angeles.

Not everyone agreed with the list. KTLA entertainment reporter Sam Rubin wrote on his facebook page, “In what is clearly an error of judgement of the highest order not a single KTLA on-air staffer is included in what can only be described as a bogus baker’s dozen.”

Here’s the list from 13 to number one: 13) Steve Edwards 12) Fred Roggin 11) Pat Harvey 10) John Ireland 9) Dave Bryan 8) Bri Winkler 7) Marc Brown 6) Fritz Coleman 5) Jim Hill 4) Colleen Williams 3) Chuck Henry 2) Christine Devine and #1) Dallas Raines.

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