Sinclair to Begin Using Generative AI for Translation

By Kevin Eck 

Sinclair, Inc. will begin using generative artificial intelligence within its original content for language translation beginning with Petko Unfiltered a Tennis Channel series with network analyst Andrea Petkovic, a former WTA world #9 player.

Petko Unfiltered provides an in-depth and unfiltered first-person perspective on trending tennis topics.

The episodes, which are recorded and presented by Tennis Channel in English in several European countries and on its second network T2 in the United States, will be translated into Spanish to air on Tennis Channel in Spain beginning later this month.


Sinclair has collaborated with HeyGen, a leading generative AI video company, specializing in voice translation and lip-sync services.

In the interest of full transparency, the episodes will include a disclosure slate explaining the AI usage and a QR code linking to which will provide a comparison of episode language versions.

“Generative AI is set to transform the world we live in; and Sinclair is enthusiastic about leveraging the technology to make our original content accessible to a bigger audience through language translation,” said Chris Ripley, president and CEO of Sinclair, Inc. “At the same time, we believe that upholding ethical standards in media through AI implementation is paramount. We recognize our duty to employ AI with integrity and transparency, to safeguard not only our industry’s reputation but also the trust of our audiences. At Sinclair, we take this responsibility seriously, which is why we have chosen to voluntarily and proactively join the leading organizations dedicated to promoting responsible practices.”