Sinclair Promo Calling Out ‘Fake Stories’ Begins Rotation

By Chris Ariens 

If you work for a Sinclair station, or if you work in a market where they operate, you may have already seen a new promo airing. Maybe you were asked to read it.

Earlier this month, CNN’s Brian Stelter reported that the promo was not going over well with some anchors. It calls out “one-sided news stories,” and accused “some media outlets” of publishing “fake stories without checking facts first.”

Marketers might say it’s simply Sinclair’s way of taking a competitive shot at both local and national competitors. But the irony is evident as you watch this supercut assembled today by Deadspin. In it, anchors from KATU in Portland, to KABB in San Antonio, to KBAK in Bakersfield, and more, read the exact same script.


Sinclair owns or operates 193 stations across the country, in mostly small and medium-sized markets. But it is in the process of acquiring Tribune Media which will add stations in the nation’s Top 7 markets.