Sinclair Explains Plan to Hub Tulsa News in Oklahoma City

By Kevin Eck 

Sinclair has made changes to how Tulsa ABC affiliate KTUL produces news for its viewers. The station group has moved news production for the station to a hub system it shares with Oklahoma City station KOKH.

In a statement, Sinclair told TVSpy:

We are making changes to the way we produce news in Tulsa and refocusing our resources, establishing a regional content center to super serve the Tulsa and Oklahoma City television markets. This will allow hyperlocal news and weather content from both markets, as well as regional content, to be included in every newscast. News airing on KTUL will now be produced out of our Oklahoma City content center, and will include live, local content with local reporters from Tulsa, paired with the resources of our content center at KOKH/KOCB. We’ve made significant improvements and investments to our broadcast capabilities and technologies, including adding a new antenna ensuring better coverage in the Tulsa market.


Sinclair is, and remains, committed to local journalism and the communities which we serve. The refocusing of resources in Tulsa will allow us to ensure the long-term success of the station and continue to bring the top local, regional and national news to the Tulsa market.

According to Google maps, Tulsa and Oklahoma City are about 100 miles apart.

We also asked Sinclair, just before we posted, how many people lost their jobs in the switch. We’ll update when we know more.