Silverman’s New Studio Teams Up With Yahoo

By Andrew Gauthier 

The New York Times

The former NBC entertainment co-chairman Ben Silverman has lined up his first distributor, Yahoo, for his new studio, which he says will specialize in creating shows in concert with advertisers.

The studio, Electus, is expected to announce the deal on Friday.


Electus was founded last year by Mr. Silverman in partnership with Barry Dillers IAC/InterActiveCorp. At the new company, Mr. Silverman is putting into practice what he so often talked about at NBC: exceptionally close connections between content creators and corporate sponsors.

In an interview Thursday, Mr. Silverman was not specific about the types of programs he would create for Yahoo, but said he saw “opportunities for episodic storytelling” that included “more direct relationships” with advertisers. The move by Electus and Yahoo, which has dabbled in original programming for years with varying degrees of success, is in part a response to advertiser demands for more online video inventory. More…