Shots Fired Near Seattle Crew

By Kevin Eck 

Gunshots were fired near KOMO reporter Kara Kostanich and an unnamed station photographer Saturday afternoon. The two were reporting on a drive-by shooting that happened the night before.

In the video, Kostanich can be seen standing center frame checking out her phone as two cars speed past. A few seconds later ten shots can be heard off camera.

“So the shots were fired and of course my immediate reaction was just to get down,” said Kostanich. “And so within a few seconds of that, I ran around the front of the Explorer, got in the passenger seat and ducked under the dashboard.”

Neither Kostancih nor the photog were hurt.

Police said they found a house in the area with gunshot damage, though the ABC affiliate says “Based on information gathered so far, investigators do not believe the home was the target of the shooting.”

Lt. Chris Cammock with Mount Vernon Police told KOMO, “It appears from the lack of other damage in the area and where the casings were going that the direction was upward, so there’s a chance the rounds that hit the house were misdirected and hit or skipped.”