Shots Fired at WCVB News Van Following Gunfight

By Andrew Gauthier 

A WCVB news van was shot at outside of Boston on Friday as reporter Kimberly Bookman and a photographer were finishing up a story about a gunfight that had happened earlier.

As the two packed up their gear following a report for the ABC-affiliate’s late newscast, they heard shots fired and two bullets hit the station’s van, according to the Boston Herald. Luckily, neither of them were hurt and they are not believed to have been the targets of the gunfire.

On Monday, according to the Herald, WCVB news director Andrew Vrees sent a memo to staff saying that police had recovered the firearm they believe was used in the shooting and they are currently evaluating it for fingerprints and DNA. The gun had fired at least nine shots and was eventually found on the street.

“It was a very unusual situation,” Vrees said, adding that safety continues to be the station’s “No. 1 priority.”