Shots Fired at KTRK in Houston

By Merrill Knox 

Shots have been fired at KTRK, the ABC-owned station in Houston. A tipster tells us all employees are being kept inside the station for safety reasons.

>Update: KTRK has posted a story about the incident online:

It happened just after 9am on Bissonnet near Buffalo Speedway.

According to preliminary information, a person shot at the KTRK building at least five times. Fortunately, no Channel 13 employee was injured in the incident. The suspect took off and police chased down the individual and was taken into custody.

A similar situation took place at the studios about five weeks ago. In February an unknown person opened fire in the TV station parking lot, striking parked cars and the ABC13 sign. No one was injured in that incident. Although no suspect was arrested in that case, a surveillance camera caught the suspect’s car. That car appears to be similar to, or possibly the same car the suspect was arrested in today.