Returning to Kansas City, Shaun Broyls Plans to Rip Former Station in Stand-Up Gig

By Andrew Gauthier 

Management at Kansas City’s KCTV probably won’t be laughing as former reporter-anchor Shaun Broyls returns to town for a stand-up comedy gig.

Broyls was let go by the station last year after the then-news director warned him to dial back the funny, according to The Kansas City Star. Broyls said that management told him, “You don’t fit with our brand. We’re not a funny newscast.”

Broyls is now pursuing a career in entertainment, working as a stand-up comedian after nearly landing a job as guest co-host on “Live! with Regis and Kelly.”


“You can definitely expect a jab at Channel 5 right out of the gate,” Broyls told The Star. “They’re gonna know that this guy’s back in town.”

You can watch some examples of Broyls’s lighthearted approach to news on KCTV’s website (the videos can’t be embedded), including one titled “Reporter On Quest For Mr. Potato Head In Idaho.”

Here’s Broyls’s current comedy reel: