Seattle Sports Anchor Confirms He Was Among Last Week’s Sinclair Cuts

By Kevin Eck 

Seattle weekend sports anchor Femi Abebefe told viewers yesterday he was one of the nearly 460 people let go by Sinclair in last week’s layoffs.

“If you were wondering why I wasn’t on the air this past weekend, well here’s why: I was laid off last Wednesday,” the former KOMO sports anchor wrote on Twitter. “It’s been tough saying those words over the last several days, but writing them is even more surreal.”


Abebefe says he was shocked and disappointed when he learned the news, but he has declared himself a free agent and says he is “excited to see what doors open up for me in the near future.”

Before joining KOMO in August 2019, Abebefe started his career at KTVZ in Bend, Ore., and then moved to KHQ in Spokane, Wash.

TVSpy has to give a nod to Scott Jones at FTVLive, who saw this first.