Seattle Reporter Says He’s Burned Out, Leaving Industry

By Kevin Eck 

KIRO reporter Andrew Scheinthal said he is leaving the Seattle station—and broadcast journalism—on Friday after 10 years in the industry.

He wrote his goodbye on his Facebook page saying he has “covered the worst of stories imaginable” and has “been there during the happiest of times. All the while I have watched life around me carry on and all I could do was observe from a facetime call.”

Scheinthal continued, “Being a journalist is hard. I’ve missed out on family dinners, holidays, birthdays and reunions. After 10 years it takes a toll.”


He said broadcast journalism is stuck and that newsrooms are not keeping up with the times “and it’s burning people out.”

His first job was with WVII in Bangor, Maine in 2012. He then moved to WINK in Fort Myers, Fla., and then Miami’s WSVN, before joining KIRO in September 2021.

Saying the burnout is real, Scheinthal said he is “excited” to be taking on a job outside of broadcast journalism, but did not elaborate on what that might be.