Seattle Reporter Gives Thanks One Year After Heart Attack

By Kevin Eck 

KOMO reporter Keith Eldridge just marked his year anniversary of having his life saved after a heart attack.

Eldridge stopped by the same fire station where he said he was “in the middle of having a heart emergency” last year to thank the two men who started him thinking something wasn’t right.

“It was May 30th, 2015,” said Eldridge. “My blood pressure was extremely high, I was having chest pains and out of breath. But I was trying to downplay it, apparently as men will do.”

The two Lieutenants at Mountain View Fire & Rescue said Eldridge tried to play his discomfort off like nothing was wrong.

Eldridge says a family friend later noticed something was wrong after Eldridge went to lie down during an event they were attending.

“You were smiling the whole time, but you clearly looked like you were on ‘death’s door,'” said his wife Jan. “You were gray. You looked like you were dying.”

“We later learned I had a 95 percent block to the left main artery to my heart,” said Eldridge. “I was rushed to Valley Medical Center and then onto UW Medical Center for emergency open heart surgery for a double bypass.”

In his story, he went back to thank those who helped save his life.

“The bottom line is to listen to your heart and listen to your body,” said Eldridge. “And, as my wife Jan reminds me, you should also listen to your wife.”