Scripps Eliminating Local Segment and Staff on ‘The List’

By Aneya Fernando 

scripps logoWe’ve had quite a few tipsters informing us that Scripps is on the verge of cancelling its nationally syndicated news magazine show, “The List.” The lifestyle show debuted in September of 2012 and airs on 13 Scripps stations across the country, including KNXV in Phoenix, WFTS in Tampa and WEWS in Cleveland.

Well, TVSpy got in touch with Brian Lawlor, senior vice president of television at Scripps, who denied the cancellation rumor.

“I wanted to let you know we have no plans to cancel The List. The show is performing very well for us across our group and it’s national rating is in the top 10 of all nationally syndicated shows,” Lawlor told TVSpy.


Instead, the show is eliminting its local segment, along with the staff that supports it:

Today we announced the elimination of the local segment within the show. The show has been produced with a two minute local segment in most markets, with the rest of the show being produced from the List national studios in Phoenix. It is our plan to make this a show that is 100 percent produced from Phoenix with national content. While we are eliminating the local segment and the staff that supports it, we are adding staff in Phoenix to create the extra content.

TVSpy asked Lawlor how many people will be let go from the local segment, but he declined to give us a specific number:

I can’t give you an exact number because we are beginning conversations with many of these individuals about other roles in our TV stations. These are very talented and creative individuals, which is why we brought them into the List originally. Many moved from our news division to support The List and we expect many will move back into news.

Lawlor said to be on the lookout for more changes to come in the near future:

In the coming weeks we will have some big announcements about the List. I assure you it is not being cancelled.