Scott Light Out at WGCL

By Kevin Eck 

Scott Light no longer works at Meredith-owned CBS affiliate WGCL.

According to Rodney Ho of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Light’s departure means Tracey Hutchins is the last weekday anchor left since news director Larry Perret took over in September and Mark Pimental started as gm in December.

For those of you who are trying to keep count, here are the recent anchor changes:

Mornings: Michelle Burdo out, Bobby Kaple from L.A. and Gloria Neal from Denver in.

Mid-days: Jocelyn McConnell out, Kim Passoth from Oklahoma City in

Evenings: Stephany Fisher, Scott Light out; Sharon Reed from St. Louis, plus another person soon, in

Sports: Larry Smith out, Fred Kalil in

Meteorologist: Markina Brown out, Jim Kosek in