Savannah Anchor Helps Catch Robbery Suspect

By Mark Joyella 

The man who robbed a PetSmart store on East Victory Drive in Savannah last night never counted on Russ Riesinger. The dapper main anchor at NBC affiliate WSAV, Riesinger was inside the store around eight p.m. when a man walked in, announced a robbery, grabbed cash from a register and took off running. Only Riesinger was having none of that.

“I saw Russ take off out the door. I went out the door and followed Russ and then a couple of good Samaritans from Chipotle Grill stepped in. They apprehended him and nobody was hurt. It has a good ending for everybody,” PetSmart employee Priscilla Nelson told WSAV. “We are just grateful to Russ.”

Riesinger chased the man, and with help from those Chipotle guys, grabbed him and held him until police arrived. They don’t give out Emmys for crimefighting, but perhaps they should.