San Diego Anchor Leaves to Focus on Her Health

By Kevin Eck 

San Diego anchor Barbara-Lee Edwards said goodbye to CBS station KFMB on Wednesday to focus on her health.

Edwards suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage last December. She said the hemorrhage was similar to a stroke or an aneurysm. “But with a stroke or an aneurysm, it’s an artery,” said Edwards. “This is a vein. So it’s just that’s the difference.”

In an interview with KFMB anchor Marcella Lee, who has been filling in for Edwards, she said she still isn’t ready to deal with the intense pressure that comes with working in a newsroom.


Her doctors say a full recovery may take as long as two to three years.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do. Is it the way I thought my career would end?” said Edwards who has worked at the station since 2001. “No, I had my 20-year marker coming up. I thought, ‘oh, maybe they’ll have a cake for me in the newsroom.'”