San Antonio Sports Anchor Gets Emotional Talking About Cancer Scare

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

WOAI sports anchor David Chancellor is sharing his story about a recent cancer scare.

Chancellor posted details about the ordeal on Facebook.

The San Antonio personality said it started a month ago when he found a lump in his groin.


“My initial thought was that I had pulled a muscle. Something with working out is what I would tell the doctors. It’s not cancer they all said. But no one knew what it was, or how I got it. So I went to a doctor who knows cancer,” he said in a long Facebook post. “I’m almost certain it’s a sarcoma he told me. I blacked out. Whatever was said after that fell on deaf ears, because all I heard was the word sarcoma.”

Chancellor said after a number of tests doctors decided to remove the lump. If it turned out to be cancerous, it would be the second time he found out he had cancer in a year. Doctors removed a melanoma from his neck last Summer.

Last week doctors removed it, biopsied it and found it was benign. He said he walked away from the experience grateful for his health and family.

“Don’t take on life’s biggest challenges by yourself because there is no need. None of us are ever really alone. And let this serve as a gentle reminder that the only real way to live life…”

You can read his full post here.