Sam Rubin Can’t Contain Laughter On-Air Over ‘Crusty Buttocks’ in a KTLA Restroom

By Andrew Gauthier 

Sam Rubin could hardly contain his laughter during KTLA‘s morning newscast on Tuesday as he did a special report on toilet humor.  And it was literally toilet humor. Occurring in KTLA restrooms.

“Have you ever gotten one of those surveys from human resources, from the big bosses upstairs [that ask] ‘Hey, how are we doing?'” Rubin asked Los Angeles viewers Tuesday morning. “Now for the first time ever, employees here [at KTLA] are being polled on whether we like the new hand towels in the restrooms.”

The station has installed new paper towel machines in the restrooms and taped a ballot on them in which employees could sign their names in two columns, voting for or against the new devices.


The ballots, being in a restroom and all, have naturally been defaced, with KTLA employees writing in fake names. “Kim Jong Il” was a notable one as was “Crusty Buttocks,” which simply proved too much for Rubin (video here).

[h/t LAObserved]