Salt Lake City Anchor Leaves for Education Job

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Longtime KTVX anchor Kim Fischer said goodbye to the station last week, exiting for a gig with an education technology company.

During her final newscast, Fischer told viewers she was leaving for the Waterford Institute, where she will be working with a state-sponsored program called UPSTART, which has gotten a lot of attention across Utah.

“Thank you for allowing me into your homes every night, for trusting me enough to share your personal stories with me — your successes, your tragedies, your experiences,” Fischer said. “They’ve all made me a better person, and you’ve helped me understand life outside my own little bubble, and you’ve created a level of empathy in me that very few humans will get to experience.”


Fischer acknowledged it was a miracle that she made the announcement without crying.

No permanent replacement has been named.