Sacramento Reporter Finds a Turkey of a News Story

By Guest Post 

That’s the way it is… in a pocket of northern California.

We’ve got a few weeks to go before Thanksgiving, but thanks to Tom Miller, a Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication graduate working in Sacramento for TV station KCRA, we are already thankful for the story of a turkey known as Downtown Tom.

This turkey has been hanging around a local Wells Fargo in the city of Davis and is so aggressive towards humans that some residents have been forced to call 911 for advice or help. Miller has the transcripts of several of those calls and they are, quite frankly, gravy.

On Tuesday, some Wildlife Department officials chased Downtown Tom for a half-hour, trying (unsuccessfully) to capture him. But the effort did chase him away from downtown. If Downtown Tom knows what’s good for him, he will stay there until at least December.

WalterCronkiteAmericanMasters_FeaturedWatch Miller’s report here, on this, Mr. Cronkite’s centennial birthday. At Miller’s Alma Mater, there will be a special celebration this afternoon:

The event will feature a brief video chat with the late news anchor’s grandson, Walter L. Cronkite IV, who is a producer at CBS News, as well as a variety of Cronkite-inspired activities for the ASU community and the public. ASU Undergraduate Student Government Downtown is planning special activities for the celebration and ASU’s radio station, The Blaze, will broadcast from the event.

H/T: Jeremy Goode

This story first appeared in FishbowlNY and was written by Richard Horgan.