Sacramento Anchor Lina Washington Loses Father to Covid-19

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

KXTV sports anchor and reporter Lina Washington is mourning her father’s death after he contracted Covid-19.

He was a casino worker in Arizona who went back to work in May just as the state reopened.

The Sacramento, Calif., anchor’s 68-year-old dad, Robert, had just fought cancer and was diabetic. He had to go back to work at the casino where he worked security in order to pay for his medicine.


According to a story on KPNX, the casino said that he could monitor the property via a golf cart. But instead, it put him at the door and he contracted Covid-19. Days later, he came down with symptoms and eventually died in the hospital.

“Never could I have imagined becoming the story in this way… But I have a platform & this issue is bigger than just my dad,” she wrote on Twitter.

You can read Washington’s full story below.