RTDNA Asks Members to Take a Stand Against President Trump’s Anti-Press Rhetoric

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

The Radio Television Digital News Association and its Voice of the First Amendment Task Force are calling on more than 1,200 members and outlets to take a stand again President Trump.

On Aug. 16, the Boston Globe and more than 100 other newspapers will write an editorial response to the president’s attack on the media.

“The president has ratcheted up his anti-press contempt. Journalists are now the ‘disgusting fake news,’ and according to one presidential tweet, we also ‘cause Wars [sic].’ This rhetoric has contributed to many of the president’s supporters lashing out harshly against members of the White House press corps and other journalists. It must stop before more journalists are hurt or worse,” said RTDNA executive director Dan Shelley.


The RTDNA stands in solidarity with media outlets across the country that have pushed back against the notion that journalism is “fake news” and that journalists are the “enemy of the American people.”